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PCLinuxOS Autostart Display Resolution

By on July 18, 2013
PCLinuxOS Autostart Display Resolution

# Each time when i boot up my PCLinuxOS KDE version, the resolution for my display is too low. I would like to autostart and set a new higher resolution that could run automatically at system startup. Would someone have detailed instructions on how I would do this?

# Recently having installed PCLinuxOS, I did not like the default screen resolution (1024×768) so changed it through the hardware system wizard to a higher one (1280×800). Unfortunately when I re-booted the display return to the default resolution. Is there any way to repair or set it automatically or will I have to do a completely new installation?

# I have a Dell D610 laptop with Intel 915GM video. Have installed PCLOS with KDE and it boots up in 1024×768 native resolution using the “Intel 810 and later” driver. Works fine that way, but now I am using a Dell P190S monitor and want to use a screen resolution of 1280×1024 which is not listed as an option. So, i had to set it on the display and monitor setting. Works fine at 1280×1024 till I reboot. When I restart, these settings (temporarily saved in XORG.CONF) are lost. Is there a way to load these settings automatically when booting up?

Well, you may like to add a autostart script on your /home/username/.config/autostart. In order to view .config folder you need to show hidden files and folders or press ALT+. then you will see it.

After that, you may like to create a new files name *.desktop.

Now, copy below code into it:

#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=xrandr –output VGA1 –mode “1400x1050_60”

Then, you need to modify the “VGA1” and “1400x1050_60” into your preferences. You can check it via Konsole or terminal using command “xrandr”. Example replace “VGA1” into “HDMI1” or “DP1” or “LVDS1”. And replace “1400x1050_60” to “1280x1024_60” or “1280x800_60”.

Finally, you should log out and log in to test it.

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