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Chatbot, Chatterbot


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Product Description

Chatbot, chatterbot, talkbot, chatbot, Bot, chatterbox, Artificial Conversational Entity as a Customer Service, Helpdesk, FAQ, Knowledge Based and many more…

A chatbot helps your business to:

  • Improve your customer support

    A chatbot, chatterbot quickly responds to questions of your customers,
    24 hours per day

  • Boost your online sales

    A chatbot, chatterbot guides your visitors through the decision process and advises them on their purchase

  • Support your online marketing campaign

    With a chatbot, chatterbot you can extend your reach and be original!

  • Get to know your customers

    A chatbot, chatterbot helps you to find out exactly why people come to your website and what they are looking for

Get started now!

  • Get a chatbot

    Buy now to get started. I will install everything in your website.

  • Give your chatbot knowledge

    Using our easy-to-use online editor, add all required knowledge so that your chatbot, chatterbot can respond to all frequently asked questions.

  • Install the chatbot

    Just copy and paste the HTML code for your chatbot, chatterbot onto your website, or connect it to an instant messenger.

  • Enjoy increased sales/support!

    Your chatbot, chatterbot will help your customers 24/7 resulting in more sales and less support questions!

  • Upgrade to Chatbot Pro

    Take your chatbot, chatterbot to the next level. I can personally install you a Professional knowledge enables you to increase your chatbot, chatterbot’s intelligence and precision by 1000%!

Compare our plans

Features Chatbot Lite Chatbot Pro
Easy knowledge editing YES YES
Unlimited knowledge YES YES
chatbot, chatterbot on your website YES YES
View conversation logs YES YES
No advertising ? NO YES
Categorize knowledge ? NO YES
Search knowledge NO YES
Set priority on knowledge ? NO YES
Re-use existing responses ? NO YES
View unknown questions ? NO YES
Conversation limit per month ? unlimited unlimited
Advanced reports ? NO YES
Advanced embed code ? NO YES
Priority support ? NO YES

VenCouture one of our customer which is using it

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Chatbot Lite, Chatbot Pro


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