I’m a Malaysian, my name is Jon Loh (jonboy60) living in Kuala Lumpur and working in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Jonboy60.com is a blog magazine about Linux and other open source softwares. All about to a daily jobs or real life experiences I had since the year 2002 administrating Linux and Windows server in a hosting company. Basically i will be offering Linux tips, howto, tricks, latest news and tutorial.

Technical Experience
* Operating Systems: Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, OpenSuse and Windows.
* Designing: Photoshop and GIMP.
* Web: CMS, E-commerce, Forum, Domain name and Email.
* Programming: PHP and some C/C++, Perl.
* Databases: MySQL.
* Others: Web Application and other Free Open Source Software.

Working Experience
Linux Operating Systems, Web Server, Email Server, Virtualization, Computing Security, Web Applications, Computer Hardware and Software, Windows.

Other Activities and Hobbies
* Online Shopping Sites
* Secretary of a Condominium
* Blogging
* Reading Ebooks
* Internet surfing
* Gaming
* Movies

Contact Me
Career opportunities, business offers, Linux solutions for business or home, web and email server solutions, Linux consulting and expertise requests.
Email to me on jonboy60{@}gmail.com

Disclaimer and Industry Affiliations
* I may earn revenue from my blog from advertising products and consulting services.
* The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions. My current employers (and my working professional webhosting company) are not responsible for what I write here or the comments left by site visitors.
*I do not own a stocks or any other investments in any UNIX / Linux related technology company.

The site I’m running
All of my servers are open source such as CentOS, Ubuntu and etc…
Ven Couture – Online Fashion Boutique

I support
Free Software Foundation
Linux Mint
Linux DistroWatch