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Free Linux Online Training Courses? Free Linux Courses. Free Courses. Free Linux Courses Handbook. Just like Windows and Mac OS X, Linux is an operating system. It’s been around for quite some time, and has since reached all users based on smartphones, homes, businesses, corporates, industries and continents. As worldwide usage share of operating systems statistic shown, Linux had 40%, windows 36%, apple 18%, others 6%. The good news is that with so many courses available for free online, all you need learn about Linux here without wasting any other times.

It is a statistic that most Americans would probably be stunned to find is so prevalent. One of out every 68 kids in the United States is on the autism spectrum, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While it’s true that most children these days are considered “digital natives,” children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) also find themselves most comfortable with a device in their hands. Digital tools have the power to help students with learning disabilities communicate and gain confidence such as autism.

So I decided to share my free courses with as much images and pictures as possible, reason is as i know individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder are visual learner. They will learn Linux more faster with pictures either pdf or powerpoint versions. Hopefully, through my courses i can empower linux for individuals with autism. And of course any typical person can do so as well.

With both pdf and powerpoint version you may view it at your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer anytime anywhere you wish. Just open up the powerpoint version and click play to start. While pdf you may scroll up and down whenever you wish.
Course Description

These free Linux online training courses are crafted for those beginners, who wants to do the best of Linux skills in hosting organization. These courses are completely targeted for IT environments of a hosting company with entire approach to LINUX. During training, you will be shown to such Linux capabilities which are essential for building a hosting company with Linux.

Prerequisites: All students are expected to be familiar and comfortable with computers and passion to learn new technology. No familiarity with Linux operating systems is expected or required.

Distributions: This course is currently supported on the releases of CentOS, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu as its mostly used by all.

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