Howto Change QMail default IP

You have a Plesk server which runs under CentOS and you’ve got spammed from your server, but after you remove them you still find your IP is blocked by many of the blacklists, and this is still an issue for your remaining clients. What could you do next? What you need to do it temporarily change the qmail sender IP address, this is very easy to do. However, it’s temporary, a server reboot will gets everything back to normal state.

For example, say your qmail IP address is and you want to change it to Your gateway is and does not change.

Run command type in:
$ /sbin/ip route

You’ll see this: dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src dev eth1 scope link
default via dev eth0

To change the default qmail IP from to

Run command type in:
$ /sbin/ip route change default via dev eth0 src

That’s all folks. All qmail outgoing mails now leave from IP instead of

Hope this will help~

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