Linux Migration

Linux Migration, I do offer such services. Windows to Linux migrations. Move Your Business From Windows to Linux. The real cost of switching to Linux. Linux distributions are free, easy to install, and highly customizable, harness your existing hardware without overtaxing it, and they include a wealth of productivity applications and utilities.

Making the switch from Windows to Linux will incur some costs as employees and support staff adjust to the new system’s configuration settings, utilities, and applications. Even so, the savings in future hardware and software upgrades could be huge. No License, No Fee, No Problem.

There plenty of windows application software alternatives. All we need is to choose and use it accordingly to our business needs. Nowadays, giant company such as google, facebook and twitter are using Linux. Online retailer shaved millions of dollars from its technology costs last quarter by switching to the Linux operating system, a disclosure that could provide some guidance for other companies seeking to cut expenses in a stagnant economy.

Migrating to the Linux is not such a drastic or risky step as many individual sysadmins and small-business owners fear. Some make the move for cost efficiency. Others make the operating system change to get greater flexibility that open-source software provides. Whatever the motivation, Linux’s advantages supercede misguided “fear.”

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