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Let me explain. I LOVE WordPress. All of our sites are built for WordPress and I love the fact that it allows our clients to have total control over their websites. But this ability comes at a price. Now anyone can open a hosting account, install a theme, and plop in a custom header can call themselves a WordPress web designer or WordPress consultant.

Browse through my website and you’ll see WordPress is what we do. All of our website design projects are based on the WordPress CMS platform. We create beautiful and robust WordPress websites, E-commerce Websites and sell premium WordPress themes. We know WordPress and E-commerce.

Years ago I struggled with the same issues you’re facing as you look to build your website. I tried program after program and was worn-out on all the ‘website redos’ that took up tons of my time and efforts.

WordPress literally changed my life and allowed me to create a business that took me from stressed-out afternoon-shift factory worker to real true entrepreneur.

I now use WordPress to power all my websites and blogs and I consult smart business owners like YOU how to harness all that WordPress has to offer for your business. I knew so many more people than I needed WordPress for their business websites.

The Real Truth About WordPress:
Existing themes can be altered and changed in any way you want, and with a custom theme, you start from a blank slate so you have no limitations. WordPress doesn’t limit the possibilities of design and code. If anything, it adds to the possibilities.

And you’re not limited to existing themes/templates. New custom WordPress themes are created for businesses around the world every day. Many look down their nose at WordPress because it is open source, but there are among a few of the high-profile, not-so-basic sites that are WordPress.org as based such as TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, Katy Perry, DC Comics and many more.

Let’s be honest with each other here. I know you can find plenty of free or very low-cost tutorials on how to set up a WordPress website, add plugins and change your theme online. As a matter of fact Youtube have a number of free training videos.

What services you find from me are:
# General WordPress Support
# Hosting Set Up and WordPress Installation
# WordPress Set Up and Configuration
# WordPress E-Commerce
# Custom WordPress Websites
# Custome Theme
# Mobile Responsive Design
# SEO Consulting Specific to WordPress
# WordPress Upgrades
# Plugin Installation
# WordPress Troubleshooting
# WordPress Security (For hacked sites or websites with malware)
# Ongoing Website Maintenance and Support

If you are a small business owner and interest in building your own website, we are here for you! If you own a huge business and interest in building your own website, we are here for you! If you want to provide updates on your or your clients websites, we are here for you!

If your business is keeping you so busy that you really don’t have the extra time to think about websites, we are here for you. If you get easily frustrated while learning new programs, this we are here for you. If you have really high expectations and ideas of your ‘perfect’ website design, we are here for you.

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How Much?
A standard web development project starts at RM2,000, and most projects with custom functionality are in the RM2,500-5,000 range depending on complexity. Design a Website in Five Days.

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