WordPress Bundle

WordPress Bundle. Many years after the first release of WordPress, the installation process is still kind of boring. Move the core WordPress files, install WordPress, then install plugins and themes, switch themes. Is there really a faster way to install WordPress? WordPress Installation Just Got Easier! Save time installing WordPress. Out-of-the-Box WordPress. Bundling With Themes & Plugins.

We, as typical normal human beings, are lazy. We weren’t always like this and that, but when the communication speed came close to the speed of light, we became lazier and more impatient. Because of this laziness, we want everything as soon as possible—right after we want it, if possible. We want it all, and we want it now! We want speed so badly that we actually started to think our brains that way. That’s why our attention span has shortened and automatization has been equated to efficiency.

However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. We really need automatization and we really need some peace of mind in our lives. And in terms of web design, it’s always better to finish the project fast because then we might get our money earlier.

Let’s begin! Shall we?

As of 2015, WordPress comes with the “Twenty Fifteen”, “Twenty Sixteen”, and “Twenty Seventeen” themes. I totally like “Twenty Seventeen” though. But still, I don’t use any of them at all and use my own favorite “theme”.

So it’s sensible to get rid of all the “default themes” before installing WordPress. We normally encounter a “default theme not found” error because WordPress sets a “default theme” inside its core and doesn’t let you change that—or does it?

The same goes for the default plugins. “Hello Dolly” is a fun plugin to see how plugins work for WordPress beginners, and “Akismet” is an effective solution for WordPress comment spam. But if you’re not a WordPress beginner and don’t use the “comments” feature in your projects (or use an external comments service like Disqus or Facebook Comments), you don’t need either of those plugins. So why keep it in the installation file and clog everything up?

And do not worry about WordPress will re-install default plugins and themes every time you upgrade WordPress. So you have to keep deleting the plugin over and over again. This is true not just for Hello Dolly, but also for Akismet and all of the default Twenty-Something WP themes. I had included it for you an easy way to save some time by stopping WordPress from automatically adding its default plugins and themes with every WP update. No worries! Period!

In my WordPress Bundle ship with my favorite plugins and themes and latest wordpress version, definately included five popular WordPress plugins:

* WP Super Cache
* Contact Form 7
* WordPress SEO by Yoast
* Limit Login Attempts
* Revision Control

Just download my WordPress Bundle and upload it, create database and start installing and use it right away now!

WordPress Bundle Business – Optimized Business themes Caching plugins WordPress Site (for fast loading business website)
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WordPress Bundle Magazine News – Optimized Magazine themes Caching plugins WordPress Site (for fast loading magazine website)
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WordPress Bundle Photo Portfolio – Optimized Portfolio themes Caching plugins WordPress Site (for fast loading portfolio website)
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WordPress Bundle Ecommerce – Optimized woocommerce themes Caching plugins WordPress Site (for fast loading eshop website)
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